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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Premi play adesso!

Hey you ... that steps around here.

If you arrived here by chance try to close your eyes and listen.
If you're here for me, I thank you with my whole heart. I hope I do not let you run away! :-)

But in any case, if you are here and you like or not what you have seen / read / heard ... whatever you choose ... thanks for being here.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Sweet Valentine ... simple like milk and coffee!

We didn't choose to start to live our life, but we can choose who we want to live it with!
  Press play now!

Everything begins as a comedy... Sliding down.

Afterwards they take your hand and put you in a line where you learn without understanding... and then doubts and uncertainty, and unanswered questions, unorganized sounds.

Then one day you meet someone, never seen, never heard or even imagined... and suddenly everything works, suddenly all the pieces fit. No reasons why, just compatibles like milk and coffee.

Where were you up to now? I was here, waiting for you


Then again doubts but also certainty, then gray, but also colors, dark clouds but also sun and sea...

Life is a top, sometimes your balance is fine in the middle, sometimes you're turning on the whirling edge, just being aware of anything, but the main thing is to have a solid handhold to cling on and find again a good balance... And i wish you found it... 

... till death do us part!


Thank to Gianluca Conti for translating this post

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LogBook ... To complete and close! Immediately!

Rossella Urru: ubducted on October 22nd 2011 – released on …

Maria Sandra Mariani: ubducted on February 2nd 2011 - released on …

Franco Lamolinara: ubducted on May 12th 2011 - released on …

Valerio Longo, Letterio La Maestra, Agostino Musumeci, Valentino Longo, Daniele Grasso, Carmelo Sortimo: ubducted (together with the crew of the ship Enrico Ievoli) on April 21st 2011 - released on …

Press play now!

This "logbook" must be closed, filling missing dates and stored as a sad memory. Freedom can not be an opinion of part or convenience.

Freedom is fly in the better sky,
with style and at the right time.

Free all of them!!

This post participates in the bloggin day on February 29, 2012 for the release of Rossella Urru and all the other in this post. If you also want to join to the Facebook event go here: Liberate Rossella! Liberateli tutti!!

We thank Tommaso Nardi for illustration.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Virtually Wrapped ... are you real or virtual?

I’ve been in the hell…

Press "play" now!

You and me
two beers, a sofa
a walk, a hundred laugh
two eyes, a thought
the voice broken, the cheerful voice
thousand words, a long silence

You and me
a music
a prayer
a dream
are you real or virtual?
… I wish you were here!

    We make same and normal gestures every day to live our "good" and "right" real life, then a spark and you're transported to that place between dream and reality … where virtually everything surrounds you, but heart really beats, tears really fall, and you really live … as never before. And maybe you’ll never do it again.

Yeah, I’ve been in the hell … and you?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two rain's drops ... flying together!

Have you ever observed two raindrops falling down? But remember the friendship.
  Press "play" now! 

Scientists (good people who studied) say that the rain is born from a cloud as separate drops, which later join themselves falling and in the path between sky and earth the spectacle is magnificent.
They fly on expanses of light opening to endless meadows to get stuck then into a thousand huge fissures of mountains. Think that two raindrops can turn in a split second the whole world and even more.
And friendship is exactly like that … people come together ... without knowing from where they come and share a part of the life journey, good and bad emotions, laughter and tears.

Then the raindrops come to the ground. Sometimes together, sometimes divided … but the great thing is that, even if they separate, it will be sufficient a sunny day to give them the possibility of a new flight together.

This is what friendship is lacking sometimes, when life's obstacles separate the raindrops: another chance.

We live in a hurry and the concept of friendship is a little bit wider ... maybe too much ... maybe that's okay like that. I do not know. But if after a trip (even short) you fall apart, if we want we can pull out the sun in our heart and use its heat to give us another chance to fly together ... just as two raindrops.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The nineteenth ... and all begins!

  Press "Play" before reading!

I begin with the more recent "dream". A dream done in the place where the night becomes morning, where flashes of sleep cloud the colors, the light and the mind.

A dream having cat's eyes and the sinuous body of a musical note free in the air. I called this dream "The Nineteenth" ... and everyone can imagine what they prefer as the nineteenth … For example ... the nineteenth time I looked throughout a window, or the nineteenth plate of pasta that I eat in a week ... the nineteenth ride on the beach or the nineteenth walk in the wood with her enchanting ourselves for nineteen minutes at the sunset after he lost for the nineteenth time in her eyes.

Maybe someone can also imagine that it is the nineteenth letter of the alphabet ... but I would say that it is quite obvious what do you think?